About Us

Moosabec Mussels™, Inc., based in Jonesport, Maine, is a family-owned and operated company that has been in the shellfish business since 1975. Our company is involved in the harvesting of shellfish, processing in our modern processing plant, and prompt shipment to ensure a high quality, fresh product at a good value. We have control of the product from harvest to the customer's door. Since inception our mission has been to be the Premier Provider of Eastern Maine's finest sustainably naturally grown and farmed mussels as well as naturally grown mahogany clams.

Moosabec Mussels fishing boatMoosabec Mussels™ harvests native naturally grown colonies of mussels (Mytilus edulis) and mahogany clams (Artica islandica). Moosabec Mussels™ owns our own boats and have long term buying relationships with reliable fishermen who fish exclusively for us assuring adequate on-time supply for our customers. We also grow and harvest mussels from our aquaculture farm. We have the largest single lease of ocean bottom for the aquaculture of mussels in the State of Maine.

We market and sell mussels and clams to Wholesalers, Food Service, and Supermarkets. Mussels and clams are available year round.

To assure freshness and maximum shelf-life, the product is harvested to order, purged in cold Gulf of Maine ocean water, then processed and shipped, packed in ice, in refrigerated trucks within hours of receiving your order.